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HERMON is a quaint little district in the city of Los Angeles, hidden in the shadows of Highland Park. Sharing roughly the same thoroughfares, neighborhood amenities, culture and architecture as Highland Park, makes this community a great choice when seeking an up and coming pocket of opportunity where New Home Owners have begun turning this area into a wonderful revitalized community.  It is situated in a half square-mile valley bordered by the Arroyo Seco and the historic 110 Freeway to the west, Monterey Hills to the south, and South Pasadena to the north and east. The community has been part of Los Angeles since 1912, but has retained its own unique identity. It is primarily a residential community, with a small business district in the center, one elementary school, and newly-dedicated dog park.  HERMON residents would use Highland Park, South Pasadena, Mt. Washington and Eagle Rock for their commercial and daily amenities.

ZIP CODE 90042


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