Glassell Park


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Sharing part of its hillside community with Mt. Washington.

The district’s boundaries are roughly Eagle Rock on the north, the Los Angeles River on the south tip, Division Street on the southwest, El Paso Drive and York Boulevard on the northeast. Most all of your city amenities will be accessed through Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Mt. Washington.

Sharing these neighboring thoroughfares, amenities, culture and architecture makes this community a great choice to seek the more up and coming pockets of opportunity where other home buyers have bought and begun the process of turning this community into a potential great investment in home buying.

Glassell Park does have its own high-end district. If you are driving along some of its top hillside streets you will notice several beautiful hillside pockets with home values reaching over the 1 million dollar range. There are quite a few custom built architectural homes along its prominent hillsides.

ZIP CODE 90065


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