Victor Migenes

Victor Migenes
Victor today.

Raised in the heart of Los Angeles, Victor Migenes, is a true California native. He was raised in a family business (La Plata Cigar Company, founded 1947), a business where a man’s word was his bond.

“Victor understands the true meaning of customer care. I know by the honesty and commitment of his handshake, he has my best interest at heart.”

Born with a love of architecture and how it effects the way people live, Victor has been studying since the early 80’s. He realizes the deep impact of geography, climate and culture that affect the choices families face in order to live in this diverse urban landscape.

Soon after, embarking upon a career in real estate, he made his first sale.

“My first home sale was to a lovely family in Highland Park. I still count them as dear friends and I am happy that our choices have resulted in landmark increases in value (in the form of equity) as their neighborhood followed its natural path to unstoppable growth”.

Soon after, Victor’s latent talent for discovering unique opportunities became apparent to investors. Beginning in Downtown Los Angeles and then extending to the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, Victor sought out investment gems overlooked by his contemporaries.

Mount Washington, Los Feliz, Highland Park and Eagle Rock soon revealed their secrets followed by a wave of new construction. Echo Park, Leimert Park, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, and the Crenshaw corridor are only now being recognized as high-yield opportunities (a fact Victor has known for some time). While Mid-Wilshire, and their surrounding areas have yielded positive growth for prestige investors.

“I understand how complex the business of Real Estate can seem -the maze of paperwork, the stress of the unknown- it’s easy to get confused or stressed by the process.”

Investing in California’s rich history, cultural and architectural diversity will make you proud to call yourself an Angelino. Victor is determined to make your buying and selling experiences as effortless as possible.

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