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Neighboring districts include Monterey Hills on the northeast, El Sereno on the southeast, Lincoln Heights on the southwest, Mount Washington on the northwest, and Highland Park on the north. Owing to the rugged terrain, no major thoroughfares run through the area. Sitting atop the Monterey Hills that divide the Los Angeles Basin from the San Gabriel Valley, Montecito Heights is a relatively isolated area. Some of the city’s most spectacular views are available on the district’s hillsides. Borders the Pasadena Freeway or the Arroyo Seco on the northwest, Pasadena Avenue on the west, Avenue 39 to the south, Huntington Drive to the southeast, and Monterey Road to the east. Depending on what side of Montecito heights you are in, your bordering district will be your access to neighborhood amenities .The district is largely in Garvana which is easy access to all that Highland Park has to offer.

ZIP CODE 90031.


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