No Project Left Undone

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No Project Left UndoneWhat improvement will you tackle first after you close escrow?

New Kitchen?, Bath?, Floors? … ¬†You’ll be surprised once you move in how your priorities may change. During the buying process what you thought was an old kitchen or bath, now moved in you realize its just a little worn and dusty, but certainly not dilapidated. Good, now you could concentrate on more obvious repairs like bad flooring or an aging chipped exterior facade. I had exactly that scenario with a client who told me he was prepping to tear out the kitchen and bath. I pleaded with him to “wait”! until I got there and proceeded to highlight the vintage features of his home. I managed to talk him into restoring those rooms saving him thousands of dollars and keeping the original art deco features that truly gave this house its’ character. In the end when we re-sold the house for approximately 45K over asking …the main compliments we were getting was how incredible those two rooms looked and complimented the entire home.

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